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2021/11/12 09:11

Q. How to send cargo through airlines

How to send cargo through airlines

I would like to ship computer equipment to India.

I'm not running business. It just request of one of my friend's, so I'm not familiar with this procedure.

When I ask others, most of them recommended a forwarding company.

Is there any way to make a direct request to Korean Air or Asiana like a parcel delivery service?

I think it would be cheaper to do it yourself, so please inquire.

For reference, the item is less than 100Kg, but the volume is about the size of a two-door refrigerator.


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OlogiR's Answer

2021/11/12 10:11

Q. RE:How to send cargo through airlines

Hi there.

It is simple to answers.

It is possible to contact to airline directly and send cargo to another country.

But is is not recommended.

because of following reasons.

1. you have to file export clearance to departure country, and import clearance to arrival country.

2. you need to assign consignee for getting cargo from airport.

3. If the cargo need to other security check during the transportation, you also involve this documentations and process.

Those are why your friends recommended use forwarding company.

Any of above process got in trouble, not only you can get legal issues also all participated company or persons can get.

So, the answer is "Possible" but the recommendation is not changed. "please use forwarder services. it is worthy"